2-in-1 Picture Puzzle 

OS 5 HiRes Sony HiRes Color Flash card

This addictive and fascinating game consists of two puzzle-games. Both are aimed on assembling the picture broken into pieces.

In the first variant cells are moving using one empty place. In the second variant you will have to move loopbacked cells. When you slide a row or column any cell scrolled off will reappear at the other side. Size of the cells will getting smaller with every picture. So you will have to work hard to solve the last puzzle in pack.

On our site you will find wide choice of puzzles on various topics: cartoons, art, animals, erotic and so on. The puzzles are constantly updated, but you can use it only after purchasing the game. You can close some puzzle packs by password, to not embarrass you relatives and children.

And also one big plus: pictures are packed very well, so they don't need much memory.

Now you can create your own puzzle packs using your favorite pictures! See “3GX Puzzle Builder” for details.

Enjoy beautiful jigsaw puzzles on your Palm!

System Requirements

  •  Any high color Palm OS device
  •  Palm OS version 4.0 or greater
  •  45Kb of memory and additional memory for puzzles and skins


  •  2 games in 1
  •  3 difficulty levels, 8 sizes of tiles
  •  Supports standard (160x160) and Hi-Res (320x320) displays
  •  Supports High Resolution on Sony Clie and Palm OS 5 devices
  •  Memory Stick/MMC/SD support
  •  Skin support
  •  Constantly updated puzzles
  •  High compression
  •  Unlimited random-generated puzzles
  •  Auto Detect Compatibility Mode
  •  Ability to delete/hide some puzzles
  •  Auto-save feature allows you to return to a puzzle later


    You can download fully functional trial version of software. Game not limited by time, but can't use additional puzzles.

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    When you purchase our software, you will receive a registration code via e-mail normally within 24 hours of purchase.
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