OS 5 HiRes Sony HiRes Hi-Res+ Flash card

Simply small, fast and ergonomic File Manager. 3XCommander combines simplicity and easiness of the Palm OS® interface with good ideas of some Windows® programs.

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You can easily copy, move, delete and beam files placed into your Palm or on the external memory cards, see the tree of folders, get the information on one or group of files/folders.

The information can be presented in one or two panels, which split the screen horizontally or vertically.

"3XCommander" distinguishes two kinds of user actions: "Tap" and "Tap & Hold". Try to use them with various elements of the user interface. Using these two simple actions you can get instant access to all program functionality. If you want to learn more, please read the instruction below.

System Requirements

  •  Palm OS version 4.0 or greater
  •  < 50Kb of memory


  •  Supports standard (160x160), Hi-Res (Sony & OS5) and Hi-Res+ (Portrait & Landscape) displays
  •  Supports three display modes (FullScreen, Split Horizontal, Split Vertical)
  •  Simple and habitual tabbed interface (up to 6 tabs in each panel)
  •  Up to 8 fonts to display information
  •  All common operations with files and folders
  •  “On the fly” memory card replacement
  •  Friendly and ergonomic user interface

User Guide

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