3X Commander
Install Instructions
  • Run the Palm Desktop program on your desktop computer (the Palm Desktop icon is on the desktop). Then click the Install Tool icon in the Palm Desktop window.

  • In the appeared window add the file “3xcom.prc”. To add a file into the Install Tool window you should press the Add button and set location of the file you want to add.

  • Press the Done button.

  • Synchronize your device with the desktop computer using the HotSync program. After synchronization “3XCommander” will be installed.
Program Instructions

The information can be presented in one or two panels, which split the screen horizontally or vertically. You can set up this, using the middle button in the status line.

The program distinguishes two kinds of user actions: "Tap" and "Tap & Hold". Try to use them with various elements of the user interface. Below you can see the table with description of what you get, when apply these actions on various places in the program. The number of the line corresponds with digits on picture above.

Element Tap Tap & Hold
1. Tab N 1 Set active area or show menu Sort
2. Tab N 2 Show Tree of folders Sort
3. Tab N 3..6 Show "Tab" popup menu Sort
4. "Folder Up" icon Go to parent folder or show Tree if already in root Sort
5. Name of file Show "Action" popup menu Show "Action" popup menu
6. Name of folder Enter into the folder Show "Action" popup menu
7. Mark/Folder symbol Select/unselect the file or the folder Show "Select" popup menu