pRevolt History

0.95 beta, 24 Dec 2007:

  • Better support of one-hand navigation feature on new devices
  • Performance considerably improved
  • Skin's compression added
  • "Edit colors" dialog added
  • Added ability to change colors of the default "Blue Halo" highlighting
  • Cyclic reset prevention added
  • Bugfix: slider image and system icons are not restored after disabling the skin
  • Bugfix: sometimes colors aren't initialized after reset
  • Bugfix: pRevolt's Preferences database sometimes disappears after reset
  • Some other bugfixes

0.946 beta, 2 Apr 2006:

  • Bugfix: Backup problems with pRevolt's Preferences Database

0.945 beta, 29 Mar 2006:

  • Added ability to export the skin to external memory card

0.944 beta, 8 Mar 2006:

  • Bugfix: Various menu bugs

0.943 beta, 7 Mar 2006:

  • List's arrows handling added
  • Transparency support for menu and popup lists
  • Bugfix: Palm resets sometimes while using 5-way navigator

0.942 beta, 7 Feb 2006:

  • Interface changed: added ability to choose color theme from Default colors, Skin's colors and third-party applications. This option is available globally and for particular application
  • Interface changed: added ability to configure Field's look for particular application
  • The maximum number of skins is increased (up to 100 skins)
  • The algorithm for menu frame is little changed (affected on some skins)
  • Bugfix: the McPhling menu was not erased completely
  • Some other bugfixes

0.941 beta, 23 Dec 2005:

  • Bugfix: Fatal error when using slider in some applications

0.94 beta, 19 Dec 2005:

  • Added "Default 5-way behaviour" option (can be applied to specific application or globally, supports more correct navigation on new Palms)
  • "Don't use skin's color theme" option added (can be applied to specific application or globally, allow to change interface colors from another program (Prefs, Butterfly etc.))
  • "Don't skin the window title" option added
  • Program interface little changed
  • More safe method for drawing the fields (don't force dots)
  • Bugfix: highlighted elements of the skin were displayed incorrectly
  • Bugfix: fixed 1-pixel popup trigger's graphic glitches
  • Bugfix: sometimes pRevolt can't start when "Store settings into SavedPrefs" option is checked ON
  • Other bugfixes and improvements

0.934 beta, 12 Oct 2005:

  • Bugfix: "Index out of range" error when selecting skin
  • Bugfix: "Invalid chunk ptr" error on exit

0.933 beta, 12 Oct 2005:

  • Added FontSmoother compatibility (Thanks to Alexander Pruss)
  • Drawing speed for some controls is considerably improved
  • Bugfix: Better support for popup trigger control (sometimes unskined popup trigger was visible under the skined one)
  • Bugfix: Can't remove applications from "Exclusions" list

0.932 beta, 4 Oct 2005:

  • Bugfix: Constant Soft Reset when using skin directly from memory card

0.931 beta, 3 Oct 2005:

  • "Store settings into SavedPrefs" option added (usefull if you lose your settings after Soft Reset)
  • Now pRevolt does not "forget" about programs from "Exclusions" list which are currently unavailable
  • Bugfix: Pocket Tunes popup panel was displayed without buttons

0.93 beta, 14 Sept 2005:

  • Possibility to add the applications on external card to "Exclusions" list
  • Added option to change fields appearance
  • Bugfix: better support for self-skined applications

0.922 beta, 22 Aug 2005:

  • Bugfix: Added few checks to fix the problem with some self-skined software

0.921 beta, 18 Aug 2005:

  • Bugfix: T|T5 freezed, LiveDrive made a soft reset when leave the pRevolt
  • Bugfix: Improved compatibility with some applications (like DateBK5, MetrO etc.) for the buttons which can't be skined
  • Bugfix: Better support for some kinds of the graphic buttons
  • Bugfix: Frame of window has not been showed if window has no title
  • Bugfix: One-hand navigation does not worked on T|T5

0.92 beta, 8 Aug 2005:

  • First public release.