3X Sapper
Install Instructions
  • Run the Palm Desktop program on your desktop computer (the Palm Desktop icon is on the desktop). Then click the Install Tool icon in the Palm Desktop window.

  • In the appeared window add the file “3xsapper.prc”. To add a file into the Install Tool window you should press the Add button and set location of the file you want to add.

  • Press the Done button.

  • Synchronize your device with the desktop computer using the HotSync program. After synchronization “3X Sapper” will be installed.
Game Instructions
    The game area consists of the playing field, a mine counter, and a timer. The aim is to find out where the mines are hidden on the playing field. You can discover the mine by clicking on it (this will be the end of the game) or by analyzing cells adjacent to it.

    Every cell on the minefield contains mine or the number. Number reveals the amount of mines in the adjacent cells. Adjacent are cells that touch our cell by corners. So, hexagon has 6 adjacent cells, quadrangle - 8, triangle - 12 (less along the edges). For your accommodation number “zero”, that mean “there are no mines near” is hidden.

    You can change the appearance of the game by using “Color setup” menu item.

    There are two ways of marking the cell as a mine.
    First is to push the cell with stylus (the cell will be highlighted), then take it aside still pushing and let go.
    Second is to tap on the cell while holding Up or Down button.

    The game will end when you will open all mine-less cells. If level “Hard” is not a problem for you, you can try to play without marking the cells.

Registration Instructions
    To register “3X Sapper”, tap the “Register” button on splash-screen of the game or tap the “Registration” menu item. The registration form should appear. Enter the serial number which you obtain after purchasing this software into the field.